Our Mission

Strengthening Nigeria by giving out small capitals to youths for the start up of small scale businesses.

The DiasporaNigerian Story

My name is Chinyere Mirian Ugokwe, ever since growing up in Nigeria–I have always seen smirks from disgruntled people with no job or food to fend for their family. My parents–my teachers, told me I was the future of tomorrow. Age 22 now, Nigeria is even worse economically/socially than before. There are little to no jobs–our youths are diminishing. When youths have nothing to do, they can end up drifting from their core potential/talents. Also, they can end up idle hence doing some terrible things–crime rates could increase. I left Nigeria in 2007, hence my youthful years were spent in a western country who gave me the amenities to thrive on my potential. Unfortunately, lots of my fellow brothers and sisters are not given these same fruitful opportunities. It is not that they are any less smart or hardworking than I am–No they are bunch of youths with smart and innovative minds. However, our economy and faulty leadership has found a way to quench their big dream. The present condition of Nigeria has given them no hope to thrive. A lot of us Nigerians in Diaspora are lucky to meet good government which gives us the structure to at least thrive on our potential. Please, I do know that there are lots of Nigerians in Diaspora seeing the hardships being faced in Nigeria. Estimates of the size of the Nigerian Diaspora vary greatly and range from about 5 million to 15 million people. I have created this organization to gather funds to give out capitals to youths between the age of 21 and 28. For the purpose of them starting their own small scale businesses. This is your chance to make that change that you’ve always wanted to make. Please nothing is too small–any amount is great! Together we can start a cycle of change in Nigeria. Let us invest in our youths as they are indeed the building block to a great Nigeria. Just think about the positive good we can do in Nigeria, if we all decide to show some generosity? The more money raised, the more people we are able to help start a business! Thank you and God bless you as you join in making Nigeria a better country.

DiasporaNigerian Aims and Objectives

“DiasporaNigerian” aims to build a community of Nigerians in Diaspora. The need for this community is for the the positive enrichment of our country Nigeria through generosity.
DiasporaNigerian aims to generate funds through crowdfunding–to be able to give capitals of 250,000 naira each for our Nigerian youths to start up small scale businesses.

Chinyere Mirian Ugokwe

Chinyere Mirian Ugokwe is the founder of DiasporaNigerian. She was born and raised in Aba Nigeria. Chinyere earned her Bachelors of science in Biology from Montclair State University. She is a serial entrepreneur who has gone on to found a popular international clothing brand named DashikiPride. In addition, she has also cofounded an afrocentric emoji keyboard company named Afreekmoji. Philanthropy being a work dear to her heart, she cofounded a charity organization named Dashikipride charity foundation through her company DashikiPride. Chinyere enjoys brainstorming and executing innovative ideas. She also enjoys traveling, writing poetry, hanging out with friends and enriching her faith in God.